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Tests and aggregated analyses

In addition to tests on building materials and structural tests, the laboratory also performs tests and analyzes both natural and recycled aggregates. The most frequent tests and checks are in regard to the characterization of the aggregates for CE marking with the following standards:
– UNI EN 12620 (aggregates for concrete)
– UNI EN 13043 (aggregates for bituminous mixtures)
– UNI EN 13139 (for mortar aggregates)
– UNI EN 13242 (aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials for use in civil engineering and road construction)
– UNI EN 13383 (aggregates for protective works – armourstone)
The laboratory is always available to take samples at the production plant according to the frequency indicated by the client. For recycled aggregates, the most frequently requested tests are set out in Circular No. 5205 Del 15.07.2005 (Min. Environment).
In the sites for road construction, squares, embankments, dikes, etc., the aggregates analysis is performed to verify the requirements stipulated by the specifications.
Among the various executable tests at the laboratory, the determination of abrasion resistance and value of polished stone (C.L.A.) is recorded.
For a detailed list of tests and services on aggregates, select the item of interest from the following: