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Geotechnics: Soil
Analyses and testing of soil; geotechnical investigations

Since 27 January, 2006, with D.M. #54345, Centro Controllo Materiali Edili SRL has officially been the laboratory for testing and certification of land in accordance with Art. 59 of DPR 06/06/2001 #380. The authorization was renewed on 01 December, 2011 in accordance with Circular #7618/STC. The most frequent analyses and tests on soil affect their characterization in order to determine the geotechnical investigations in the design phase and within the monitoring phase. In construction yards of road construction sites, town squares, embankments, dikes, etc., the analysis of materials is carried out for the verification of the specification requirements. The most frequent tests in this case are particle size analysis, Atterberg limits, classification, sand equivalents, compaction A.A.S.T.H.O., permeability, CBR, etc. For the verification of operations, tests are performed on-site, such as load tests on plates, site density, site CBR, etc.
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