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Other Tests
Various tests and experiments

Among the tests on building materials, the laboratory performs tests on bricks and hydraulic binders. As part of investigations into the monitoring of historic buildings, as well as load tests on structures, Centro Controllo Materiali Edili SRL. carries out tests on building materials of various kinds collected on site, such as compression tests on carrots, both masonry and simple brick, characterization of mortar by compression tests and the determination of the elastic modulus, tests on the carbonation of concrete carrots, and steel tensile tests. On site, in addition, cutting tests on masonry are performed with flat jacks, ultrasonic investigations, sclerometric tests, armature detection in concrete, coring, extractions of anchor bolts, etc.
In the laboratory or in the plant, load tests are performed on prefabricated elements. The lab technicians perform calibration verification of various presses and tools such as sclerometers.
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