Analyses and steel testing. Structural diagnosis

Since 1984 with DMN 25364 and subsequent renewals, the laboratory has been authorized by the Ministry II. TT. to perform tests on building materials and to issue the relevant certifications required for the testing of reinforced concrete and metal structures. Laboratory tests are performed on ribbed bars, on smooth bars, on electro-welded networks, oni masts, prestressed steels, steel road barriers, etc. The most commonly requested analyses and steel tests relate to determining tensile strength, flexion, resilience, chemical analysis, weld resistance, and the area relative to rib.
The laboratory also performs structural diagnoses and controls on-site, including, for example, using a pacometer to detect the reinforcement of hardened concrete and the extraction of coach screws in road barriers. The lab also performs monitoring and load testing of structures (floors, trusses, arches, bridges, etc.) in the area of structural diagnoses.
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