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Analysis and testing of concrete, hydraulic binders, bricks

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EsempioSince 1984 with DMN 25364 and subsequent renewals, the laboratory has been authorized by the Ministry II. TT. to perform tests on building materials and issue the relevant certifications required for the testing of reinforced concrete. In the laboratory, the most common testing requests relate to compressive strength, flexion, indirect tensile strength and permeability. On site, the most common testing on fresh concrete are the Milano tests  (which determine concrete composition), Slump (lowering of the Abrams cone), air content, etc. The lab technicians can make withdrawals and packaging of cubic or cylindrical samples for various analyses. The laboratory is also capable of performing core sampling, monitoring and structural investigations.


For the detailed list of tests and services on concrete, select the item of interest from the following:

- Concrete
- Hardened concrete cores
- Hydraulic binders
- Mixed-hardened and stabilized soil
- Bricks
- Load testing of structures
- Calibrations



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Ministerial Approval

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