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Centro Controlli Materiali Edili S.r.l.

Marche da bollo - Comunicazione Agenzia delle Entrate

Marche da bollo

Il Centro Controllo Materiali Edili SRL comunica alla propria clientela e a tutti gli interessati che a partire dal 1.09.2017 non applicherà più alcun tipo di bollo su certificati prova materiali prodotti ai sensi delle leggi vigenti (Lx 1086/71, DPR 380/01 e altre).

Di seguito le relative comunicazioni dell'Agenzia delle Entrate.

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Comunicazione all'Agenzia delle Entrate

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Testo Legge 1086/71

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Gazzetta Ufficiale Serie Generale n.299 27-12-2006


Centro controllo materiali edili s.r.L : analysis of land, asphalt, aggregates and structural diagnostics.

EsempioCentro Controllo Materiali Edili S.r.L. was founded by three partners – an engineer and two geologists – with experience of trials and experiments conducted mainly abroad in major construction sites such as highways, bridges, dams, railways, nuclear power plants, etc.

On October 19th, 1984, (D.M.N. 25364?) Centro Controllo Materiali Edili SrL was authorized by the Ministry of Public Works to perform tests on building materials and issue relevant certifications. Over the years, the laboratory has gradually expanded the range of services offered in various sectors of activity such as concrete, steel, soil, aggregates, asphalt, structure load tests, calibration, etc.

The company periodically draws up and implements enhancement programs and equipment modernization to perform laboratory analyses on site tests with the use of a mobile laboratory. Even the locales used were adjusted over time to the current 900 square meters of laboratory tests, in addition to external appliances.

Centro Controllo Materiali Edili SrL has been recognized by Friuli-Venezia Giulia as a highly qualified research laboratory in the field of building materials and in physical-mechanical trials of soil and aggregates. It has been an official soil and aggregate testing laboratory since 2006 (ART. 59 DPR 06/06/2001 #380). The laboratory conducts activities mainly but not exclusively in Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Veneto (provinces of Treviso, Venice, Padua, Rovigo, and Belluno).

Laboratory tests were carried out on materials from sites in other Italian regions such as Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Lombardia, Lazio, Campania, Marche, etc., or of materials from other European countries such as Spain, Romania, Slovenia, and Slovakia and in countries outside of Europe, in Asia, and in Africa. The disclosure of technical standards by our company to operators in this sector (construction management), companies, and professionals has been a constant commitment. For this reason we have organized meetings with highly-qualified speakers, and on numerous occasions have published and distributed full volumes and handouts.


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Ministerial Approval

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